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Galway Walking Tours 

A truly entertaining and engaging way to see and experience the history and culture of Galway


Walking Tours of Galway - Galway Walking Tours

Brian can guide you on a walking tour of the medieval city of Galway , explaining Galway's History and fascinating people and places on one of his Galway Walks
It was such a fun walking tour of Galway city that this family from Ireland, Canada, USA and UK came back for a second Galway Walking Tour with Galway Tour Guide, Brian Nolan, in 2014
Brian Nolan tells stories from Galway City History at the Salmon Weir bridge beside Galway cathedral on the river Corrib with American visitors,. Galway walking tours and Galway walks are really the best way to get to know Galway city

Galway Walking Tours - My Favourite Quote;  "I bring to you today the greetings of the people of Galway, New York; Dublin, New Hampshire; the people of Killarney, West Virginia; Kilkenny, Minnesota; the people of Limerick, Maine; and the people of Shamrock, Texas."  JFK's speech in Galway, June 1963


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