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The Fireside Tour

The Shortest 'Walking Tour of Ireland', 

the Fireside Tour of O'Connors Pub, where Brian will whisk you off on a magical journey through Ireland's history and culture using the priceless collection of historical artifacts that give this wonderful 300 year old pub such unique and authentic character.

Tour costs €10 per person. Includes one complimentary beverage (Beer, Wine, Soft Drink). Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited. Fireside tour starts at 6pm each evening, unless by arrangement

Galway Walking Tours - My Favourite Quote;  "I bring to you today the greetings of the people of Galway, New York; Dublin, New Hampshire; the people of Killarney, West Virginia; Kilkenny, Minnesota; the people of Limerick, Maine; and the people of Shamrock, Texas."  JFK's speech in Galway, June 1963


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