There is so much to see around Galway

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Galway Walking Tours - My Favourite Quote;  "I bring to you today the greetings of the people of Galway, New York; Dublin, New Hampshire; the people of Killarney, West Virginia; Kilkenny, Minnesota; the people of Limerick, Maine; and the people of Shamrock, Texas."  JFK's speech in Galway, June 1963


Lynch's Castle, Shop Street, Galway

This wonderfully ornamented castle, now a bank, was the city home of one of the Lynch families. Shop Street has always been the main thoroughfare in the city, going all the way back to the 14th century. Today this pedestrianised streets boasts interesting shops and music filled streets. Imagine what this street looked like when the Cromwellian forces entered the city in 1652 after a 9 month siege.